Prevent buddy clocking and fraud

By utilizing Fingerprint technology you ensure positive recognition of your employees, preventing employees from clocking for each other which is commonly done with manual registers and even card systems.

Gone are the days of the excuse that fingers cannot be read as they are damaged, dirty or wet. The newer generation of fingerprint readers supplied by ERS have advanced finger reading capabilities designed for the rugged, harsh South African Conditions and therefore catering for these challenges. The fingerprint readers can now also store all 10 fingers therefore enabling an employee to place an alternative finger if the need arises.

In the event of an employee not clocking for the day his records will show ABSENT unless they have leave has been preloaded onto the system, this ensures that the employer only pays for those days worked and that no unauthorized leave is taken by employees.

The ERS fingerprint solution provides the ultimate management tool automating the policing of employees and at the same time freeing up the time of resources.

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