Who is ERS Biometrics

ERS Biometrics is a leading international vendor of Fingerprint Biometric hardware and Cloud based Time and Attendance and Access Control software, ERS specialize in the installation, implementation and support and maintenance of the full solution for Businesses across all industries.

Our solutions bridge the divide between performance management, business operations and payroll administration putting you in charge of your employees time and access management.
With over 5000 clients and sites ERS is the largest Biometric Time & Attendance and Access Control solution provider.

Our solution combines GPRS biometric hardware and cloud based software to deliver a scalable, rapidly implementable and cost effective solution suitable for both small and large businesses.

Our expert implementation team will not only set up and commission your sites, but also provide comprehensive training on the system, simplifying your administration, from fingertip to payslip.

Our support center is always willing to assist and on-site support is provided by our nationwide network of technicians if required.

Our hardware is backed by both an extended and a swap-out warrantee of 48 months, faulty hardware will be replaced at no additional cost under our service level agreement.
We’re headquartered in Centurion, South Africa, with branches nationwide with over fifty dedicated employees.

Broad Based Black Empowerment
ERS acknowledges that transformation is best served by a collaborative effort to implement policies that harness the productive forces of all our people. We recognize that the framework creative by government requires all stakeholders to contribute to this program.

BEE Goals and Status
Our vision includes the empowerment of all historically disadvantaged South Africans, To achieve this goal we have implemented a number of strategies including:
Social Responsibility.
ERS gives back to those in need through our long-standing social responsibility programs.
Ownership, control and management.
We’ve implemented a program to expand ownership and operational involvement by previously disadvantaged persons.

Transformative human resource development.
We seek the placement and development of skilled previously disadvantaged persons into positions of employment and leadership. Currently 43% of our workforce are from historically disadvantaged communities.

Transformative Procurement Policy.
We prioritize the sourcing of goods and services from small and medium enterprises owned and controlled by previously disadvantaged communities and individuals.

Female Empowerment
We endeavor to expand female ownership and involvement. Currently 34% of our workforce are female.