At ERS Biometrics we offer a range of products to enable companies to effectively run both their access control as well as their time and attendance monitoring. These two go hand in hand to help drive a more effective and efficient working environment.

The ERS Biometrics hardware

There are two time and attendance clocking devices that we offer.

ERS SmartScan Device

The SmartScan Clocking Device

The device used by most of our customers is the SmartScan clocking device. It caters to both fingerprint scanning as well as cards if required. Click here to find out more.




ERS Portable Suitcase Device

The Portable SmartScan Clocking Device

The portable version of our clocking device is ideal to be used in the field. It comes packed with all of the same features as the regular SmartScan product, but comes in a durable carry case which is also equipped with a battery supply and charger. Click here to find out more.








The ERS Biometrics software/modules

Our biometric clocking devices would just not be the same if these products weren’t enhanced with our different modules.

These following modules are available:
Time and Attendance Module: There are quite a few advantages to the time and attendance module, but at its core it adds value by accurately tracking employee attendance, hours worked and overtime take.

Access Control Module: This web based module performs a crucial role in improving your security. It allows you to manage users in a number of ways by creating users, managing their profiles and granting or denying them access to your business or certain areas.

Job Costing Module: Through this module you would be able to capture your job costing activities online, which will then automatically get transferred to your biometric device.

Payroll Bureau Module: Accurate management of your payroll is crucial in improving cost-effectiveness.

Our Smartphone Clocking App has brought a whole new dimension to time and attendance monitoring. It is ideal for monitoring clocking times of employees in the field.