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Our Smartphone Clocking App has some new features

ERS is excited to announce that we have upgraded our Mobile Clocking App, now titled “ERS Mobile Clock Plus”, to supply our users with a faster experience and more functionality. The app is now also available on iOS for Apple users, and is compatible with version R13 and up of our software.

GPS coordinates of clocking locations

The ERS Mobile Clock Plus is a SmartPhone Time and Attendance Clocking APP that enables employees to clock IN or OUT from a remote location, using the phone’s GPS functionality to plot them on Google Maps, to verify their location.

Supports External Fingerprint Module

The App now supports an external fingerprint plug-in module, ensuring positive identification of multiple employees on one Smartphone. Phones must be USB OTG “On the Go” compatable. This functionality is currently only available on Android.

Links to the ERS Biometrics Time and Attendance Software

All clocking information is viewable in the ERS Biometric Time & Attendance Module, giving you extensive tools and reports to properly manage your remote employees’ time worked. The app has an added feature, where total hours worked is displayed per day and/or per week, and multiple employees can be loaded onto a single device and selected via a drop-down menu.


One of the newest features of the app is the Leave Module. Employees can now apply for leave from their phones, where a notification will be sent directly to their manager. If approved, the employee will be notified and the system updated automatically. This saves time and unnecessary paperwork to be filled out.


Geofencing uses GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling our software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. The areas can be set around a building or site, or a larger area, which would automatically clock an employee IN or OUT.

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Additional features:

  • Photo function for visual evidence
  • Job Costing functionality

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