Smartphone Clocking Apps: the next step in time management

Smartphone Clocking Apps: the next step in time management

In the old days

From the humble beginnings of having to sign a register whenever you showed up to work or using a punch card to punch yourself in, things have certainly changed a lot.

Enter the new millennium

Nowadays, you find all kinds of ways to track the hours worked by your employees, from access card terminals, clocking in systems and even fingerprint readers. Employees can be tracked from arrival at work, how long they stay and when they leave, making time management really easy.

The problem comes in when your employees work offsite at remote destinations. Say for instance you have a project manager working on building sites all over the country. How do you keep track of these employees?

In the past, it was virtually impossible to track the times worked by such employees who work offsite, due to the intricate logistics. One had to rely on their word and a lot of incorrect info and even dishonest ‘clocking’ was being put through.

It’s here

But with the invention of GPS and phone apps, this has all changed. Today you can track each and every one of your employees, wherever they work with the new generation of smartphone clocking apps.

No effort

By simply using a phone app, these off-site workers can clock in when they reach their destination, and clock out when they’re about to leave.

The GPS coordinates show up on Google Maps and the employer can verify that they are in fact where they should be, track how long they stay there, and see when they leave. Their time is tracked on the company’s software, making time and attendance management a breeze.

This takes away the risk of any inaccurate or dishonest clocking, and ensures that the hours worked from a remote location are always accounted for. Employers can now easily track their employees, no matter where they go.

Easy peasy

The best part is the ease of use. It is really simple to use – from the time you download the app to when you need to use it.

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The app links to software that does the tracking, making reconciliation of hours at the end of the month really easy for the employer. In fact, as the system does this reconciliation itself, there isn’t much for the employer to do.

This new generation of time and attendance management has brought a new way of tracking productivity, and it is possible for any company to make use of its great services. What could be simpler?

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