Technical Specification Downloads

Time & Attendance Hardware (SmartScan)

ERS SmartScan Device

The SmartScan time and attendance clocking device caters for both fingerprints as well as cards (RF) if required. The full colour screen allows for clear indication of date and time which is a requirement when managing your employees time and attendance, it also clearly displays the acceptance or rejection of an employee’s finger. The advanced biometric technology allows for the recognition of any 1 of 10 fingers in under 1 second, storing up to 8,000 fingerprints per device. Fingers can be placed at any angle and still be recognized. The device can communicate to the server through LAN or GPRS providing the administrator with real time clocking information. Download Specification Sheet – ERS SmartScan Time and Attendance Device

Portable Time & Attendance Hardware (SmartScan)

ERS Portable Suitcase Device

The Portable SmartScan time and attendance clocking device comes with all the bells and whistles of the mounted SmartScan device but is housed in a durable carry case equipped with battery supply and charger. The Portable device only communicates with the server through GPRS, if in an area where there is no communication the device can store up to 200,000 records. Once connectivity is restored the device will forward the queued records to the server. Download Specification Sheet – ERS SmartScan TA Device Mobile