Hygie-Stride Booth

Protect your premises, staff and visitors from harmful viruses and bacteria. Excellent coverage and ease of passage • Automatic spray booth • Sprays a fine sanitizing mist • Activation of booth by beam detector • LED Stop/Go indicator lights • Adjustable floor feet for leveling • Anti-skid walkway • 250L reservoir with accumulator

Walkthrough Sanitising Booth

Protect your premises, staff and visitors from harmful and contagious viruses, bacteria and fungi. Ideal for shopping malls, super markets, offices, schools, banks, hospitals and mines. • Portable and can be fitted with Castor wheels • Fully automated fine mist spray • 100% natural and does not contain any hazardous or toxic chemicals • SABS, EPA, NRCS approved • Safe for clothing, skin and other materials

EBTHS02 Foot-Operated Sanitiser Dispenser

Touchless • Dispenses fine mist with excellent coverage • 10 litre reservoir, reducing refilling frequency • Low level reservoir LED indicator • Infrared sensor / foot switch operated • Can be fitted on wheels for mobility • Can be operated on battery power (charger circuit supplied for overnight charging)

EBTHS03 Foot Pedal-Operated Dispenser

Works with any spray bottle or gel pump • Adjustable to suit your sanitiser bottle • A cost-effective solution for use by staff, patrons and visitors at your premises • Manufactured from 304 grade brushed stainless steel, ensuring high levels of hygiene • Easy to clean

EBTHS01 Automated Sanitiser Dispenser

Automatic, non-contact hand sanitiser dispenser • Dispenses fine mist with excellent coverage • Wall, turnstile and gooseneck mountable • Infrared sensor for automatic activation • 2 litre reservoir • Relay output signal after completion of spraying

ERSBio Push Sanitiser Dispenser

Easy to use push button. Double-sided tape or screw mounted options available. • Ready to use • 70% ethanol • Up to 5L refill bottles available

ERSBio Hand Sanitiser Rapid-drying 5L Refill

70% alcohol • Quick to evaporate

ERSBio Non-Contact Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Automated, Wall-Mounted, Alcohol-based spray refills • Non-contact feature • Replacing cartridge refills are quick and easy • Interchangeable parts • Lockable nozzle

ERSBio Non-Contact Hand Sanitiser Refill

The medical quality, germ-free sealed cartridges come in an alcohol-based spray form. The 1200ml refill is easy to replace and can spray up to 3,000 times • Ready to use • 70% ethanol • Quick to evaporate

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