Frequently Asked Questions 


Biometrics is the measurement of people’s physical characteristics. Biometrics is usually used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals that are under surveillance

Physical Biometrics is based on physical characteristics which consists of vein, face, fingerprints, iris, retinal, voice, etc.

When utilizing our device, all clocks processed will be communicated and stored on our servers.

Identification refers to determining a person’s identity and Verification refers to confirming a person’s identity.

Simply because Biometric technology is safer and more convenient. Passwords and Keycards can easily be compromised and lost.  


Yes, we install a backup power source with our devices which lasts up to 3 days, depending on usages. 

You can use any 10 fingers, however, we recommend the Thumb and the Index finger, as they are the easiest to capture. 

Depending on the device, our devices hold up to 200,000 records and 8,000 fingerprints.

Our devices use an optical scanner, utilizing light beams to scan and digitally convert the images (fingerprints). 

Information can be sent via GPRS | LAN | WIFI | 3G

ERS will trade-in your old or even broken time and attendance hardware on a one to one basis, for every ERS device you purchase we will trade in one of yours.

The trade-in offer applies to old punch card systems, card as well as biometric hardware.


Only the dedicated user with admin rights will have access.

All information is stored on our central server, so you always have a backup. 

Simply Download the App on Android for free on the Google Play Store. Search for ERS.

Yes, we integrate with all major payroll companies. 

Sage VIP (Classic, Payroll, People), Sage Pastel, Psiber, Build-Smart, SAP, Educos, PaySpace, Integrity, Quick Books, etc.


08:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday

08:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays

There are no after hour services, however online support tickets will be loaded. 

Tell: 010 593 0593

Email: support@ersbio.co.za