The ERS Web Clocking Module will allow employees to clock IN and OUT on the ERS software at their workstation, be it at work or from home, as an alternative or in conjunction with the traditional clocking methods.

  • Multiple employees can be clocked IN or OUT on one workstation
  • Blocking / allowing of certain IP addresses, ensuring that employees cannot clock from home unless granted permission to do so
  • The interface can be dragged into any position on the screen
  • Shows employees T&A stats, broken down into Hours worked, Breaks and Total hours
  • Automatically synchronize every 60 seconds with the ERS Biometrics Cloud Software
  • Allows for Facial Verification for extra security 


The ERSBio R14 APP is a SmartPhone Time and Attendance Clocking APP that enables employees to clock IN or OUT from a remote location, using the phone’s GPS functionality to plot them on Google Maps to verify their location. All clocking information is viewable in the ERS Biometric Time & Attendance Module, giving you extensive tools and reports to properly manage your remote employees’ time worked.

  • Links to the ERS Biometrics Time and Attendance Software
  • GPS coordinates of clocking locations
  • Geofencing
  • Plot clocking on Google Maps
  • Photo function for visual evidence
  • Clock multiple employees
  • Job Costing functionality
  • Supports external fingerprint module 


  • Monitors Desktop activity
  • Categorizes activities as Productive, Unproductive, Blocked
  • Alerts when unpermitted program / site accessed
  • Auto log OUT if inactive
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Exports to Time & Attendance
  • Can link to both Facial & Fingerprint Verification



The ERS Biometrics Communication Module enables businesses to send personalised bulk SMS messages to their database of employees or clients, as well as suppliers, from a central point.

  • Send messages immediately or schedule them
  • Personalise messages
  • Incorporate data from any field (Amount Due, etc.)
  • Save Template messages
  • Sends automatic messages for special dates (Birthdays etc.)
  • Allows for reply messages
  • Comprehensive reporting

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