Access Control (AC) is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. Permission to access a resource is called authorization.

Being present at or for work.

A system or application which is designed to employ biometric data.

Biometrics is the measurement of people’s physical characteristics. Biometrics is usually used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals that are under surveillance.

A biometric App enables its user to remotely “clock IN or OUT” using their smartphone or mobile devices.

Gathers, reads an compares biometric data. Biometric System is the term more often used.

Occurs when one employee clocking/punching in on a clocking machine for their co-worker, helping them avoid penalties such as showing up late, leaving early, or not showing up at all.

Management by exception is a style of business management that focuses on identifying and handling cases that deviate from the norm, such as late arrivals, short time, absenteeism etc.

Gathering and processing of biometric data with the intent of storing them into a database.

A facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video source.

fingerprint in its narrow sense is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. Human fingerprints are detailed, nearly unique, difficult to alter, and durable over the life of an individual, making them suitable as long-term markers of human identity. 

The use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area, enabling attendance software to automatically “clock IN or OUT” as you enter or leave the area.

Someone recorded on the payroll system, but who does not work for the business.

General Pocket Radio Service, how clocking information is send to our central servers. 

Biometric sample which is matched against templates and other biometric references.

Job costing is defined as a method of recording the costs of a manufacturing job, rather than process. With a job costing systems, a project manager or accountant can keep track of the cost of each job, maintaining data which is often more relevant to the operations of the business.

Local Area Network, How information will be sent to our central servers.

Leave Management encompasses the processes employees use to request time away from work and supervisors use to grant or deny leave based on organization policies. 

A biometric liveness check refers to the verification that the features being presented to the biometric application are those of a living subject, and not a copy or imitation of those features.

Each of a set of standardized parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure.

Webbased / cloud-based software is software you use over the internet. You don’t need to install software, or worry about upgrades. Examples of Web-based / cloud-based software is email programs like Gmail or Hotmail, or a banking App.

The delivery of learning / training by electronic means, involving the use of a computer or electronic device. Online training can be done in the form of live streaming seminars, pre-recorder videos, e-books etc.

Time worked in addition to one’s normal working hours.

An input device using light beams to scan and digitally convert images ( Fingerprints).

Personal Identification Number, usually a four digit number is entered into a system to gain access.

Term used  for identification.

A biometric analysis of the blood vessels at the back of the eye.

Shift work is an employment practice designed to make use of, or provide service across more than 9 hours of each day, up to 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Enables employees to “clock IN or OUT” from a remote location, using the phone’s GPS functionality to plot them on Google Maps to verify their location. 

Abbreviation for Time and attendance (see Time and Attendance).

Methods for tracking and gathering information about how much time an employee spends on the job.

A timesheet, or time sheet, is a method for recording the amount of a worker’s time spent on each job. 

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