ZKTeco Co., Ltd is a globally renowned enterprise with biometric verification at its core. They dedicate themselves in three industries, including Biometric Verification, Smart Entrance & Exit Software, and the ZKTeco+ Smart Office Cloud Platform.

Product offering:  Biometrics, Access Control, Turnstiles, Walk Through Metal Detectors, Flap barriers, Boom Gates, POS, Video Surveillance, Entrance Control, Security Inspection, Smart Locks, Visible Light Facial Recognition Technology, Multi-purpose Integration Technology, and X-ray Machines.

Turnstar provides a total solution for all physical Access Control and Time & Attendance applications. A full research, design and development team is able to assist Turnstar clients from project conception, all the way through to on-site installation.

Product offering:  Turnstiles, Portable Access Control, Pay for entry, Revolving doors, Man trap booths, Special needs gates, Vehicle barriers and more.

Timetec SA is a sole distribution partner of Timetec Cloud which is based in Malaysia. They have established the company with the aim to give organisations reliable platforms to manage their employees, residents, tenants and visitors. All their solutions are cloud-based to assure real-time monitoring of transactions.

Product offering:  Residential & Commercial Property Management, Communication, Accounting, Defect Management, Guard Patrolling, Access Control, IoT, Surveillance and more.