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8 Benefits of Time and Attendance Software

Recording staff time and attendance is a basic management task enforced for decades. The system began with a manual paper-based process, still in use for many today. Obvious problems exist, including forgetting to ‘clock’ and inaccurate records that are bulky to store and timeous to convert into digital or payroll.

Over the years, this information has developed into automated data that has more benefits than originally anticipated.

  1. Payroll

If payroll is incorrect, staff feel resentful. This attitude can leave a business with key employees seeking work elsewhere. Automated time and attendance lead to efficient and accurate payroll, as the HR team does not need to manually capture data, and it also reduces the risk of errors.

  1. Audit Trail

In the event that an employee is repetitively late or absent, a company policy can be followed that leaves a trail of digital time stamps that may be used as evidence. Employees are aware of this fact, thus reducing the number of staff needing a disciplinary action, or taking the issue to court.

  1. Remote or On-premises Punctuality

A complete cloud-based system allows for both remote workers to clock on their desktops/laptops and those on-site to clock similarly or on physical devices, leaving a fair system throughout the organisation. The act of clocking leads to a behaviour pattern which in turn increases productivity. Employees will no longer be able to slip out a few minutes early or ask a colleague to cover for them if they are late.

  1. Eliminate Time Fraud

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for staff to lie in a manual, paper-based system. Colleagues are able to sign in on behalf of one another, or the times on sheets may be fictitious. In the case of larger companies, this can cost millions in unworked hours, whilst smaller businesses are unable to grow.

  1. Remote Access to Data

Cloud-based systems have enabled managers to view real-time data and analyse behaviour over time from any remote location, affording the opportunity to make critical management decisions from anywhere.

  1. Improved and Visual Reports

Data only has worth if it is presented in such a way that patterns of punctuality, attendance, or time is presented in such a way that patterns are easily observed. Information can then be used to identify both the most eager or less ambitious team member.

  1. Reduce Administration

Converting paper-based systems into data can be timeous both for the employee and employer or human resources department. A simplified, automated approach including clocking, shifts, filing and payroll saves a business time and money.

  1. Backup & Recovery

Cloud software often comes with more than one back-up server, ensuring peace of mind that your data can successfully be recovered at any given time. Some forms of cloud software automatically backs up all your data according to a schedule that you can set up.


The benefits of automated systems far outweigh any paper-based solution. Data is not only easily stored but also easily accessed. The need for numerous staff recording tedious numbers that leave payroll open to human error is eliminated, saving money month after month.


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