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Time and Attendance Pays for Itself

Labour force management is ranked as one of the four most critical issues facing businesses in 2016. Companies lose millions of rands annually through poor human resource, project and time management.

By Implementing a Time & Attendance solution you are equipping yourself with a powerful business tool that will improve your staff attendance and productivity.

Evidence shows that Biometric Time & Attendance solutions not only manages the attendance and punctuality of employees but delivers a tangible Return on Investment.

One of the immediate benefits you’ll see is a saving on your monthly/weekly payroll. In many cases, companies will see savings of up to 15% within the first few months.
This stems from implementing stricter controls and accountability that comes with a Time & Attendance solution.

Just a few of the benefits include:

  • A decline in absenteeism as unreported sick days no longer slip through the HR cracks.
  • Punctuality and work hours improve when closely monitored, ensuring that there is no unaccounted for Short Time.
  • Increased productivity through proper attendance reduces the need for unforeseen Over Time & where Over Time is worked it is closely managed.
  • The introduction of automation results in a drastic reduction in the time needed to manage employee attendance, sick leave and absenteeism…
  • With SmartPhone enabled technology supervisors can remotely manage their employees Time & Attendance, increasing their own productivity as a consequence.

Businesses of all sizes and in any industry can benefit from the introduction of the controls and automation coupled with the implementation of a biometric Time & Attendance solution.