3 Ways Automated Time & Attendance Tracking Helps Managers Excel

A manager’s strength is revealed in the ability to make the right decisions for the good of the company and the employees that report to them. Time and attendance tracking is a critical component of this role to ensure the most effective use of people and resources.

In the past, managers relied on simple spreadsheets to track time and attendance, however, this proved to be a time-consuming task prone to human error. Today, advances in Cloud-based applications have allowed managers to automate basic aspects of time and attendance while providing them with unprecedented access to information for better, more strategic decision making.

In less time, and with less effort, time and attendance tools allow managers to perform three key tasks with a higher level of accuracy – making it much easier for them to do their job well.


 When it comes to shift work, optimising and managing employee time is imperative to maintain productivity and predictability.

By integrating with relevant systems such as HR and Payroll, a useful time and attendance system offers managers a holistic overview of the whole human capital management process, with the ability to see visual representations that can help them to identify strengths and weaknesses, and changes that may impact outcomes.

Scheduling tools in a Time and attendance system allow managers to:

  • automate basic administrative tasks (such as populating the scheduling tool with an up-to-date department roster)
  • calculate employee and department totals
  • allow managers to easily edit the schedule with last-minute changes or leave requests

Labour Ratios & Budgets

 The greatest challenge that managers face is the efficient and economical utilisation of labour. To keep their department, and by extension the company, working at its peak – they need to be able to continually determine labour ratios that will then inform the company’s labour budget. It’s all about finding the sweet spot between profitability and productivity.

Using integrated time and attendance tools, managers can automatically calculate and measure labour costs, allowing them to align staffing within budgets more effectively.


 Effective reporting should help managers:

  • Identify trends (in scheduling, overtime, etc.)
  • Conduct audits (in the case of wage and hour disputes)
  • Demonstrate progress

A time and attendance system’s reporting tools are simple, easily accessible, and customisable, giving managers the power to pull reports when needed, analyse the data, and present the data in various formats.

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