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How can biometrics benefit your business?

Biometric systems use Fingerprint verification to positively identify individuals, enabling automation, secure access, shift management, payroll management, and more.

Some of the benefits to your business through implementing a biometric solution are:

  • Accurate Identification

Access cards are often lost or stolen, and passwords are forgotten and/or shared, whereas fingerprints cannot be easily duplicated. This means only authorised personnel get access to your premises and you obtain a higher level of security.

  • Accountability

Biometric identification technology enables businesses to create a clear, definable audit trail of transactions or activities. Not only general employees can be monitored, but management as well. This will drastically minimise the risk of security breaches.

  • Integration/Automation

Apart from access control, biometric devices can be integrated with time and attendance software to track employee hours and increase payroll efficiency. Cutting down on manual processes associated with time sheets, biometric systems can save companies countless hours each month in fixing inaccurate data or errors.

  • Eliminate Time Theft & Buddy Punching

Time theft occurs quite easily and frequently in manual processes. An employee might take longer breaks, fake their arrival and departure times, ask a fellow employee to clock for them, etc.

Too frequently, employees will clock IN or OUT for their fellow employees. You end up paying extra to employees who have not put in the physical time. Biometrics eliminates any such fraudulent activity and provides an uncompromised report on each employees’ actual time worked. This is particularly relevant when looking at overtime. Vast amounts of money could be paid out monthly for overtime, when in fact, no overtime has been worked.

Eliminating time theft is a necessary step in increasing productivity and saving money.

  • Compliance with Employment Laws

Should your business ever be audited or a case opened against it at the CCMA, accurate attendance records will streamline the experience and cut down on any unnecessary back and forth. Companies dealing with attendance issues should consider switching to biometrics to quell those problems as soon as possible.



Summarising the data, it seems quite clear that biometric identification systems are an excellent investment for businesses, both for security and time management purposes. These systems are simple to use, versatile and scalable. With the right software integration, your business can save time and thus also money, by simply automating their time & attendance and access control.