The ERSBio Enforcer Module manages all clocking exceptions on behalf of a business

Say goodbye to the frustrations associated with managing your time & attendance exceptions with the ERSBio Enforcer Module.

Thanks to our cutting-edge biometric recognition technology, buddy clocking, irregularities, constant late clockers, and more are a thing of the past. Our advanced system detects and alerts you to any issues, keeping you informed and in control. You’ll receive notifications when an employee fails to clock in or out, works unapproved shifts, or engages in unauthorized overtime. It’s the ultimate tool for ensuring accountability and efficiency.

You have the power to set the rules that suit your organization. Imagine this scenario: Jane is supposed to clock in at 8 am, but she arrives late at 8:30. Our system automatically triggers an alert to her manager, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. If the manager doesn’t respond, the alert can be escalated to the next person in line. No issue will slip through the cracks. You also have the freedom to make necessary adjustments. Jane might have already informed her manager about being late, so the system allows for comments and amendments to be made accordingly.

Our system enables you to generate insightful reports for any selected date range. Get a quick overview of the enforcers sent out, those that were attended to, and more. Make data-driven decisions with ease.

Managing your staff’s time and attendance has never been this seamless.

The Enforcer Module summarised:

  • Automated Exception Management
  • Only shows clocking exceptions
  • Sends Email Alerts to Line Manager
  • Escalates alerts or sends reminders if not attended to
  • Manager can respond with comments only or make edits


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