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ERS Bio Web Clocking Functionality

ERS Biometrics is proud to announce a new feature that has been added to our online cloud software – Web Clocking. The new feature will allow employees to clock IN and OUT on the ERS software at their workstation as an alternative or in conjunction with the traditional clocking methods.

This functionality only works on the current day, not allowing for the backdating of clocking information. However, historical data of up to 3 months can be accessed and viewed.

In the event that employees do not have access to a PC or the software, their managers have the ability to clock IN or OUT for all employees that fall under them, alternatively employees can clock for themselves. Another function allows for the blocking/allowing of certain IP addresses, ensuring that employees cannot clock from home and must be present at work in order to clock.

ERS bio web clocking

The interface is designed in such a way that it can be dragged into any position on the screen. Either vertical or horizontal displays can be chosen, dependent on your preference.

After a successful clock IN and OUT for the day, a graph will show the employees’ T&A stats, broken down into Hours worked, Breaks and Total hours, which will automatically synchronize every 60 seconds with the ERS Biometrics Cloud Software.

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