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What to Look for in a Time & Attendance System

If you’re currently shopping around for a solution to track your workforce’s time and attendance, you’ll know that there are a lot of options out there.

When it comes to automated time and attendance systems, each vendor boasts their own array of fancy tech features that promise to save you time, money and nerves – but how do you know what options are nice-to-haves, need-to-haves or completely unnecessary?

We’ve put together some core considerations to keep in mind when evaluating which time and attendance software solution is right for your business.

Easy to use clocking system

A time tracking system is only as effective as the willingness of the people using it. By making it fast and simple for employees to clock in and clock out, you’ll be able to minimise resistance and disruption to productivity.

ERS’s advanced biometric solution conveniently allows for flexible time-tracking options (fingerprint, card, pin). The compact device or “clocking stations” can be mounted on any wall and provides real-time clocking information via LAN or GPRS.

Integrates with your payroll system

Choose a system that works with your current applications and software, such as HR and payroll programs. After all, your time and attendance solution should make your life easier, not create more work for you.

ERS’s time and attendance module links to all known payroll solutions in the marketplace, ensuring that you can import and export data seamlessly.

Scales to accommodate business growth

In business, growth is to be expected. How your business looks now and how you hope it will look in the future is more than likely very different.

Migrating to a new system just because you’ve outgrown the old one can be disruptive, expensive and time-consuming – so make sure you choose a system that will grow as your business does.

Tracks all time issues

A good time and attendance system doesn’t just track when employees clock in and clock out, it allows you to take care of all of your time-related needs.

This includes managing employee schedules, preloading overtime and handling paid time off (PTO) calculations.

ERS’s time and attendance system allows for advanced shift management to help you stay in control of your workforce.

Robust reporting capabilities 

One of the many benefits of implementing a time and attendance solution is the ability to automate the process of compiling, reviewing and analysing employee time data.

The system you choose should offer a number of pre-built reports, but also allow you to filter and customise reports to let you see only the data you need to.

The ERS time and attendance module offers customisable reports to view the daily clocking of employees, short time worked, absenteeism, and more. 

Audit trail features

In case of an audit, it is important for administrators to have a record of all system activity. Your system should, therefore, allow you to view original time sheet data along with any changes made by a manager or supervisor.

Where indiscretions occur, the ERS time and attendance module will indicate this and allow for management intervention while logging any edits or changes to the system for audit purposes.

Ready to choose?

Whether you’re upgrading from an old, outdated system, or considering an automated time and attendance system for the first time – it’s important to know what system will work best for your business.

With a little forethought guidance, you can equip your business with a powerful time and attendance solution that will meet your needs now and into the future.

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