Basic Website

The ERS website is the core of the ERS software suite. You can subscribe to various modules depending on what your business requirements are.

ERS Modules:

  • Access Control
  • Job Costing
  • Time & Attendance
  • Bureau & Enforcer

The basic website provides you with the tools to enrol your employees, manage their respective data and view their actual clocking times. The additional modules provide the tools for the finer management of your organisation.

Key Features:

  • Employee Management
  • User Management
  • Setup SMS / email alerts
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Device Management
  • Power Management Alerts
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Employee Management

The Employee Management module allows for the complete management of your employee details. The view of these fields are editable, allowing the user to select which fields are to be viewed as well as the order in which they should be displayed.

ERS Biometric System Employee Management

The flexibility of the biometric system allows you to add unlimited fields providing a variety of ways in which to display the data from plain text inputs to drop down menu options. The system also allows you to select which fields you would like to view.

adding a new field

Employees details can be added and edited, their status can also be changed from active to terminated once they leave your employment giving you the option to only view either the active or in-active employees.  The edit screen will display the system as well as your custom fields, only displaying the fields you choose to view.

edit employee

Custom groups and sub-groups can be added to the system and employees allocated to their respective groups.

User Management

This section allows for the administrator to create unlimited users with varying views and editing rights.

s rights

Setup SMS / email alerts

This module allows users to create SMS and / or email alerts to notify management in the event of any late or non arrivals or early departures.

Comprehensive Reporting

ERS biometric access control systems provide a wide variety of reports in order to view your employee information, each with the ability to filter the views as well as setup the report to automatically generate on specific days at predetermined times. Multiple auto report can be configured, if required.

automated report

All of the biometric system reports have the option of being viewed in HTML directly or exported to PDF or XLS depending on preference or requirement. Below is an example of an HTML View.


Your company logo can also be loaded onto the system which will be displayed on the PDF reports.

Device Management

The system allows you to edit the device name enabling you to create a more logical name for reference purposes when compiling reports and viewing the data. The status of the devices can also be viewed indicating if it is online and in other words communicating with the server or offline. You can also run a live test to ensure that the device/s are communicating.

s device1

Private or public messages can be posted on the website and displayed on your device/s when an employee clocks on the device, this can range from personal messages through to expiry dates etc. The system also allows you to setup the devices 8 function keys online forcing an IN or OUT direction if selected.

s device2

Power Management

The ERS SmartScan device comes standard with backup power as well as a power management board. In the event of AC power failure the system alerts the ERS support department of the problem, it can also be setup to send an email notification through to the client allowing for a more proactive approach.

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