Payroll Bureau Module

Management of a payroll accurately is one of the easiest ways to ensure cost savings and improve efficiency. Through the ERS Biometrics Payroll Bureau Module it is possible to accurately track clocking times and act on any indiscretions quickly. The ability to act on problems like these before they become a trend allows companies to cut down dramatically on lost work hours. Payroll runs will also become a lot more accurate as employers would have accurate logs of their employees’ clocking times. Our Payroll Bureau Module provides a platform for the capturing of all employee personal details inclusive of allowances, tax, medical, duties, banking details, pay, etc.

Main Payroll Module Features

  • Web based
  • Manage Employee Personal detail
  • Automatic notification of exceptions

payroll bureau module


Our revolutionary “Enforcer” sends an email to management notifying them when an employee has failed to clock IN or OUT for the previous day. The manager can respond directly via the email or smartphone to input the missing clocks. In the event of the manager failing to respond to the email within a predetermined period of time, the email notice will then escalated to the next level. Contact us for more information or a free consultation. With the constantly evolving world of business companies need any possible advantage they can get. Tracking employees time accurately and efficiently is key in improving productivity and reducing losses from possible buddy clocking or “ghost employees”. We know that our Payroll Bureau Module will benefit your business and help you to turn the corner to take you to a more productive work environment. The best way in which we would be able to demonstrate this however would be to demonstrate the capabilities of it to you directly through a demo. Take back control of your payroll management with the Payroll Bureau Module from ERS Biometrics.