SmartPhone Clocking App


The Next Step In Time Management


The ERS Biometrics™ SmartPhone time and attendance clocking app function enables employees to Clock IN or OUT from a remote location using the phones GPS functionality to plot them on Google Maps to verify their location.

Main Features


  • Links to the ERS Time and Attendance Software
  • GPS coordinates of clocking locations
  • Plot clocking on Google Maps
  • Photo function for visual evidence




This enables the tracking of those employees previously difficult or impossible to manage, employees can clock IN and OUT through the mobile app on each and every site or appointment to also measure the duration of their visit.



ERS Biometrics Software


Clocking times will be recorded on the ERS system from which full reporting can be generated and times exported through to payroll. The mobility of this solution makes it ideal for companies where employees are out of the office on a regular basis.

The logging of the clocking through their smartphones makes it possible for companies to now monitor their employees work hours as well as their movements when they are not in the office. This gives them the ability to really take a lot of manual work out of the equation saving companies both time and money.

Download the App on Android for free on Google Play Store search for ERS


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