Time & Attendance Outsourcing

Why make use of time & attendance outsourcing?

  • Save time on your admin
  • Automate your T&A
  • Accurate hours
  • Accurate Overtime Calculations
  • Efficient Exception Management
  • Dedicated Time & Attendance Consultant

This service includes for the full management of your Time & Attendance. ERS manages the setup and day to day management of the software, a designated agent will be available to assist with any and all queries. ERS could provide you with biometric clocking devices if required or we could import electronic data from you existing systems, the team are also equipped to capture manual time sheets if required.

When to make use of this service?

  • If you have a small staff compliment and require assistance to accurately manage your staff hours, leave, Overtime, etc.
  • In the event of your HR/Payroll administrator leaving on short notice
  • Looking to focus on growing your business, saving time

What does this service cost? The cost is determined by the number of staff and the number of sites you require to be managed. The service is billed from month to month, no fixed contract period. Let us manage your Time & Attendance on your behalf!!! Contact us for an obligation free quotation.