Why choose ERS Biometrics?

ERS Biometrics is a leading international vendor of Fingerprint Biometric hardware and Cloud based Time and Attendance and Access Control software, ERS specialize in the installation, implementation and support and maintenance of the full solution for Businesses across all industries.

Our solutions bridge the divide between performance management, business operations and payroll administration putting you in charge of your employees time and access management.

With over 5000 clients and sites ERS is the largest Biometric Time & Attendance and Access Control solution provider.

Core to our philosophy are Simplicity, Accuracy & Transparency.


With easy and trouble free installation our solutions, backed by an expert on-site team of support engineers ensure you never have to worry about technical, software or hardware failures.  We provide a one-stop solution that ensures you can focus on your core business while we manage your time, attendance and access control.


Our class-leading solutions ensure that you have real-time oversight into your employee activity through instant logging and positive biometric identification.

Data is encrypted and kept secure for a minimum of 5 years in accordance with HR best practice & legislation.


Our solutions ensure that you’re always in control.  Our  SAAS (software-as-a-service) web-based management platform  enables you to receive up to the minute reports on access and time & attendance.