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The complete automated solution to saving time on HR

Benefits of Automated Resource Time Management

The ERS solution is an automation tool which assists HR to reduce the amount of time spent on the manual processes surrounding resource time management.

  • No More Manual Capturing / Automation

By using fingerprint recognition devices, an employee is not only positively identified. Not only that, but they supply a Date and Time stamp as and when they start and finish a shift. This data is automatically written to the ERS database, acting as an electronic register. No more need to manual capture registers.

  • Exception Management

Shifts and Rosters are set up to indicate to the system when an employee is scheduled to work. The ERS system checks the actual dates and times worked against the roster automatically, indicating if an employee did not work on a day, or any other exceptions. The administrator or manager will be notified daily only of the clocking exceptions, to assist in the correction of the records, while it is still fresh in their mind.

  • Auto Calculation

Part of the shift setup is to set up the amount of Normal time required to be worked, when Overtime Time is payable, if applicable, as well as what the rules around working on Public Holidays entail. The ERS software then automatically calculates the NT, OT1, OT2, PPH times, which can be exported through to payroll. No more time wasted splitting Normal time from Overtime per employee.

  • Leave Management

The ERS software allows for the preloading of all the different Paid and Unpaid leave types, from Annual, through to Sick Leave. If an employee is on leave, then the ERS software Automatically factors leave in when calculating the times for payroll.

  • Payroll Export

ERS has partnered with all the major payroll companies, which allows for the Payroll file generated by ERS to be imported directly into the payroll solution. This is a huge time-saver, opposed to manually having to input the employees’ times for the pay period. More advanced payroll solutions allow for automated integration making it even simpler.

The system is set up by ERS to perform the shift calculations, manage the various leave types, as well as export to payroll. All that will be required from your company will be to manage the employee rosters, make daily corrections and generate an export file at the end of the month.

ERS will assist you with the above functions, to ensure that the required skills have been transferred and the users of the system are fully capable and competent to use the system. Thereafter, our Help Desk is available 6 days a week to assist with any problem or issue that might arise.

ERS is POPI compliant and will keep a complete backup of all records on your behalf for the required period, in compliance with our labour laws, as part of our service.

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