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Are our children safe? How will schools avoid spreading Covid-19, whilst ensuring accurate attendance records are kept?

For the most part, schools are now actively open, provided strict protocols are in place. Social distancing, avoidance of touching surfaces and fully comprehensive attendance registers are just a few of the rules that should be followed. In addition, parents and guardians need assurance that non-identified people will not gain access to the premises.

Attendance records for both remote and school-bound learners.

The simplicity of an old fashioned paper based register is open to both fraud and to human error. Moreover, it is extremely slow and inefficient. In today’s times, we also have the added difficult to monitor children studying from home.

What is the Solution? ERSBio’s Facial Identification and ERS Watchdog allow for children to clock in for school either using a device at entry points to the premises or a personal computer camera, for those still attending online classes.

What are the advantages?

  1. In the event that Covid-19 is discovered within a school, all students and staff who have been clocked in at the premises can be identified and notified.
  2. All students learning from home or physically at school are accounted for.
  3. No-touch attendance records via the use of facial identification assures that your school will not be contributing to the spread of any virus.
  4. Facial biometrics is extremely fast, reducing time wastage and automatically syncs with the online system to give near real-time attendance records.

How will you know that a student is learning instead of playing whilst at home?

It’s all very well when a student claims to be learning whilst at home. Self-discipline is a rare ability for children and, unfortunately, home-schooling is open to abuse.

What is the solution? ERS Watchdog is accompanied by a monitoring solution that checks the duration that is spent in any program, application or website, giving a comprehensive breakdown of idle or non-productive time vs. productive time. The software even allows an assigned administrator to block social media or games during school hours, or whilst a student is logged in.

How will I know that non-identified persons do not gain access to the school property and that health screening is in place for Covid-19?

Biometric facial scanners can be used for more than just attendance. The device can be integrated with access control solutions such as full-height or waist-height turnstiles and man trap booths. Whilst each person is identified, the turnstile or entrance will grant access only to those approved beforehand. Safety will always be of paramount concern in schools and safety measures are taken by only allowing authorised access to the premises.

In addition, the authorisation process includes a screening process. No access will be granted unless;

  1. Body temperature of individual is within normal body temperature range.
  2. System can be set to only allow access if individual is wearing a mask.

The system is simple. Identify the user, check the temperature, check the mask, grant access if all criteria are met.

How will I access reports to show productivity or attendance?

ERSBio and ERS Watchdog are cloud-based systems, meaning that gaining access to information is as easy as modern internet banking and accessibile at any time or from any computer with internet access.

Reports can give detailed information on absenteeism, access being denied to individuals, hours spent on productive tasks and more, allowing for disciplinary action where needed and, of course, rewards for hard working scholars.

Can teachers use ERSBio and ERS Watchdog?

Many schools are using the system for either students, teachers or both. Admisistrators are able to divide reports according to classes, teachers, grades etc, allowing for different report mechanisms.

In the case of staff, the system can track attendance and hours worked and the data can be exported in payroll, allowing for a simplified and automated payroll process.

The future for schools?

The benefits of using software to process administrative tasks have been at the forefront of business decision making for many years. A school should be treated as a business, regardless of how each school is funded.

Ultimately, it is in the interest of our youth to be both safe and productive. ERSBio provides the solution.

Author: Michelle Coetzee

ERSBio – Public Relations


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