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Is your business’ attendance and productivity keeping you up at night? These are issues that can easily be rectified.

Not only have operating procedures changed over the past year, but technology availability has undertaken a sharp revolution. Methodologies have adapted, such as metrics to measure productivity, as well as attendance registers now accommodating remote offices. In fact, small business trends show that 67% of businesses expect to work from home permanently.

Attendance records for both remote and office-bound staff.

Monitoring punctuality and attendance in a variety of locations is simpler than one might first imagine. The ERSBio Web Clocking Module uses an employee’s camera on their computer to positively identify and clock them in for work. The Module is cloud-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere, be it working remotely or at the office, as long as you have an internet connection. 

The attendance records are synched with the ERSBio software, allowing management to be notified should an employee be absent, late or clock out early.

Are your staff working their allocated hours?

Any manager has occasions where they are certain that staff are not working allocated hours. Working from home has cost businesses an un-calculated amount in lost productivity. Integrating the ERSBio Time Management Module with their Attendance solution will put an end to all of the guesswork. 

By having each member of a team clock in and out whenever a break is taken, the total time worked is calculated seamlessly, making payroll painless and short-time easily identifiable. Vice versa, overtime can easily be measured, making sure each employee is paid fairly.

Maximizing Productivity

Of course, ensuring that your staff have clocked in for work will not ensure that each employee is actually working. The out-dated measure of calls taken in a call centre, for instance, is not preventing a person from multi-tasking with social media or other distractions whilst talking on the phone. We have all tended to the occasional personal task whilst at work. Mistakes are made due to multi-tasking. I’m sure you will agree that it is impossible to listen intently to any conversation, whilst busy with something else. 

To ensure staff are working, ERS Watchdog was developed to record the duration of any program, app or website used, as well as the files worked on. The software integrates seamlessly with the ERSBio Time Management Module, giving accurate records of where each employee is spending time.

The software is so intuitive, that it will warn if anyone is busy with unproductive tasks, which can be set up per individual, and can also block certain activities. 

How do all 3 solutions integrate seamlessly with one another?

Switching between different solutions to get statistics and reports is not necessary when utilizing the ERSBio platform. After integrating the system, all reports may be accessed together from a cloud-based portal, making it easy to have a birds-eye view of your business or to zoom into a particular department or person’s statistics.

The administrator can decide which programs, apps or websites are considered un-productive, either per individual or department.

The ability to block any activity you consider unnecessary, such as games or youtube, means that Managers can limit the number of distractions. 

Basically what this means is that after an employee is clocked in for work, the software will calculate productive and unproductive hours, giving a full report of the employee’s activity each day. The final hours can be edited, and finally exported to Payroll. 

Moving forward with benefits to HR

The administrative nightmares in the human resources department can easily be resolved with the simplicity of an automated timekeeping process.

ERSBio easily merges with ERS Watchdog, automating numerous tasks;

  • Attendance records are accurate
  • Shifts are allocated easily
  • Overtime is calculated seamlessly
  • Leave can be applied for and accepted in an electronic manner, avoiding human error
  • Staff productivity is managed in an integrated package, making calculations for productive staff or disciplinary procedures simple and efficient.

The benefits of using software to process administrative tasks have been at the forefront of business decision making for many years. The simplicity of certain processes have combined to create a platform that is user-friendly and time-efficient.


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