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Help Protect Your Business from Expensive CCMA Cases

Public Holiday pay, Leave benefits, and Overtime incentives are hot topics of debate. Are you sure your business is taking the measures necessary to protect you from expensive lawsuits? Do you ensure that employees’ times worked are properly tracked and managed, for their benefit as well as yours?

The last thing anyone wants is to be taken to the CCMA for labour-related issues. Now, it is important to familiarise yourself with, and keep to the rules and regulations set out by the Labour Law of South Africa. However, in some cases that might not be enough. Another solution might have to be implemented to both help with accurate data capturing and streamlining your payroll and management processes.

A Biometric Time & Attendance system allows you to actively keep track of employees’ Normal Time, Overtime, Public Holidays or Leave taken, and is automated, which can be used to pull comprehensive reports for each employee. The use of Biometrics may assist in eliminating any fraudulent clocking activity by your employees. This information is then integrated with a payroll system, minimising manual capturing, and accurate salaries can be paid out.

Hard evidence will always be favoured in court. With a T&A system, such evidence is easily obtained and may help either an employee or a company be held accountable if the situation ever arises.

Are you willing to stand by your “word” alone? A case of “he said”, “she said” can be drawn out and become ugly fast. Protect yourself, protect your business, and ensure your staff is compensated for their time.

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